Exclusive Guide to Setup SBCGlobal Email Account on MS Outlook


MS Outlook itself is a big name and works as a unified email service that simply aims to offer opportunities so the user is able to configure various accounts at a time. Under the outlook service, the users are free to send and receive emails from any service be it yahoo mail or Gmail, or even ATT and SBCGlobal.Many users are using the SBCGlobal email service because of its advanced features, now this service is simply managed by ATT Communication which is regarded as one of the best telecommunication firms in the united states.

It isn’t a difficult task to set up SBCGlobal email in outlook. But before that, I would like to give you a brief intro to SBCGlobal. Now this company SBCGlobal has been in the user’s good books for quite a long time and has managed to provide the user with the best service so far. And so as to make users work easier the firm has allowed users to access the emails from any device be it a laptop/pc/android/iPhone. Not only this, but it also allows users to configure the same on various other email portals. But the only problem not every user can make changes while configuring SBCGlobal Email Login Account in outlook, as it totally depends if they belong to the technical background or not.

Step Wise Step Guidelines are Needed so as to Setup SBCGlobal with Outlook :

  • The most essential part is you must have good internet connectivity with you, this is the most important step so as to carry on with the next step.
  • Then simply visit the SBCGlobal homepage and mention your credentials such as your username and password. Make sure you don’t spill it out in front of anyone from the security point of view. Then you must have mentioned the server setting rightly so as to proceed with the steps further.
  • Then as the last step make sure you are having a good backup for the SBCGlobal emails because there are chances that you can miss your important data while you are settings up the service. So, keeping a backup is a must.
  • Further so as to set up the service hit on the “start menu “tab which would launch the outlook program on your system.
  • Once you have opened then choose “file tab “ and hit on the “add account” tab.
  • After doing that make sure you hit on the option which reads out as ”manual setup “ and click on that option.
  • Hit on the “next option “and you will notice the page will appear in front of you which reads out as “choose service page “ you will have to click on the “internet email option” on the same and hit on the “next option”.
  • Now you will be taken to the next page wherein you are supposed to mention your credentials such as your username along with your password.
  • Focus on the SBCGlobal email server settings, start by choosing the IMAP/POP account.
  • If you anyway choose the “IMAP account “then mention these details: The incoming mail server id has to be imap.mail.att.net /the incoming port number has to be 993 /The outgoing email server id has to be smtp.mail.att.net and the outgoing port number is 465.
  • And if you choose “POP account type “ then the incoming mail server id has to be inbound.att.net/The incoming port number has to be 995 /The outgoing email server id has to be outbound.att.net and the outgoing port number has to be 465.
  • After that just mention the email address along with the password. That’s all hit on the “next option” and finish the steps by saving and closing the settings of your SBCGlobal account mail on MS outlook.
  • This was all you need to know; it was a general insight now give this blog a good read.
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