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Canon Printer Error Code 5200

Fix Canon Printer Error Code 5200 ij.start.cannon setup process for every Canon model is almost similar, however, the download through http //ij.start.cannon or https //ij.start.cannon and installation process may differ. Some factors need to be in mind while choosing an inkjet printer for you. Later, you can easily set up your Canon printer through drivers from , wireless connection, USB, and a few components.

The error code 5200 in the Canon printer occurs mostly due to problems in the cartridge. If the printing results are coming only in black, even if it’s a colored document, the ink cartridge is about to empty. the low ink levels, faulty cartridge, empty cartridge, and logic board issues show 5200 errors. the troubleshooting guide will show you fixing the code. until you fix this issue, the printer will show issues while printing. you may also get blank pages with this error.


The main cause of the error code 5200 in canon printer is the empty cartridge. It means when the ink cartridges get empty or about to end the ink, you’ll see the error as a notification.  

How to Fix Canon Printer Error 5200?

Find out the useful solution below so that you can fix the Canon printer Error Code 5200 issue.   

1 – Refill the ink tank

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  • Check the ink level in your canon printer cartage.
  • If it’s about to empty, refill the ink tank.
  • Power off the canon printer.
  • Unplug the power cord.
  • Wait for 30 seconds to 50 seconds and plug in back.
  • Again, turn on the printer.
  • Perform system cleaning as you refill the tank.

2- Install Repair Tools to fix Canon Printer Error Code 5200  

The error may not go just after replacing or refilling the ink tank. Download repair tools and install them to fix Printer Error 5200.  

3- Reset Your Canon Printer

Resetting the Canon printer may not be necessary if refilling the ink tank is sorted out. However, if the printer isn’t printing in good quality as previously did, then you’ve to reset it through the below steps;  

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  • If your Canon printer Power is turned on, turn it off.
  • Now, press the Stop or reset button
  • Release the Stop or Reset button and hold power ON button.
  • At the same moment, press the stop/reset button two times
  • Make sure you are still holding the power button while tapping the reset button.
  • Now, leave the power button.
  • Wait for a few moments until you see the idle message.
  • After the message is on display, open the cover on the top to see the cartridges.
  • Take out ink cartridges and Put on the cartridge holder cover.
  • Turn off the Canon printer.
  • Close the top cover and start the printer again.
  • When the printer gets turned on, out cartridges back and see whether the Error Code 5200 has disappeared or not.

If the issue doesn’t get solved, your printer needs servicing. If you’re in a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty, it’s easy to fix the problem on Warranty service.


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