Get Detailed Glimpse of Laravel Framework and Its Benefits for Today’s Enterprises


In today’s time, when we talk about the most popular open-source frameworks, Laravel is one of the first few names that are in a leading position and have gained immense popularity among web developers. Laravel, a PHP MVC framework is an ideal platform for Laravel developers for developing feature-rich, high-performing PHP web applications. This platform is exceptionally scalable and provides flexibility to develop assorted projects ranging from small to large-size projects with equal speed and agility.

As compared to various other PHP frameworks, Laravel offers a wide range of advantages. As it is an open-source framework, it is absolutely free which makes it an even more cost-effective and efficient option for developing customized web applications with added features and functionalities as per the key requirements of the businesses. Let’s look at some of the important things and stats related to the Laravel framework:

  • Laravel is a leading PHP framework among various other frameworks like CakePHP, Yii, and Codeigniter.

  • Among 1 million websites throughout the world, approximately 8,500 websites are developed by utilizing the Laravel framework.

  • Laravel is extensively used in varied domains including technology, computers, and electronics. By and large, around 3.66% of all websites in these domains are developed using Laravel. Other domains where the PHP Laravel framework is used frequently include Business & Customer Service, Finance, Arts & Entertainment, and Science & Education.

Key Laravel Features

Some of the interesting features that make Laravel different from other frameworks include:

  • Simple notification emails

  • The Eloquent ORM

  • Thorough and easier documentation

  • A huge and active Laravel community

  • Smooth database migration, etc.

Reasons to Choose Laravel Application Development Service

Laravel is widely preferred by most professional web developers due to its simple features, better-quality performance, flexibility, and scalability. Some of the key reasons to choose Laravel application development services to include:

  • Advanced modules: Laravel PHP framework consists of a set of advanced modules that facilitate developers in developing complex and large web applications with ease.

  • Ability to cache user data: Cache plays an important role for businesses to retrieve user-related data with web applications quickly. Laravel web application development allows developers to create applications that intrinsically cache all the data from view routes.

  • Search-engine friendly: By utilizing Laravel web development service, developers can create search-engine-friendly websites that can bring quality traffic to a website.

  • Multilingual applications: To grab a large number of customers, businesses are understanding the need to communicate with customers in their preferred language. Laravel is one such source that lets developers create multilingual applications with ease.

  • Cloud-based applications: With the help of Laravel, developers can develop apps with an envoy system, which is designed for cloud-native applications. It allows businesses to run their day-to-day tasks and other functionalities on the cloud from the application itself.

  • In-built migration system: Laravel comprises an in-built migration system that allows altering or updating a current database in a more structured manner. By utilizing this feature, developers can create databases, tables, indices, and more.

  • Artisan feature: Driven by the powerful Symfony Console component, Laravel comprises artisan features. It is basically a command-line interface that offers various useful commands to assist developers while developing a web application.

  • Security: Laravel is quite a secure platform that allows Laravel developers to develop highly secure websites and applications. Various security features that Laravel offers to reduce vulnerabilities in an application include Laravel authentication system, reduced Laravel vulnerabilities from CSRF (Cross-Site Request Forgery), protection against XSS (Cross-Site Scripting), SQL Injection, etc.

  • Eloquent ORM: Laravel consists of an in-built ORM implementation, known as Eloquent ORM that makes use of industry-standard conventions to reduce configuration. Moreover, it supports documentation of all database engines.

  • Easy handling of complex database queries: With the help of the Laravel framework, developers can easily and efficiently create complex database queries.

  • Debugging modules: Laravel comprises some superior debugging modules that provide full testing facilities to developers.

Due to all the above-mentioned reasons, Laravel is widely popular among a large number of web developers throughout the world.

Benefits of Laravel Development services for Businesses

Companies can benefit greatly by utilizing Laravel for their website development or applications projects. With its implementation, enterprises can get the advantage of:

  • Better Performance: Laravel comprises various useful tools like Redis and Memcached that assist web developers to improve their website application’s performance.

  • Quick, secure, and reliable documentation: With the MVC (Model View Controller) support, Laravel provides fast web development. It guarantees easy-to-understand and precise documentation with improved security to assure the flawless performance of websites and web applications.

  • Customization: With the help of Eloquent ORM (Object Relational Mapping) supported by Laravel, developers can efficiently develop customized websites and web applications to meet the specific requirements of the businesses.

  • Flexibility: Laravel provides superior flexibility. Every component of this framework is readily extendable and injectable that assures enhanced flexibility and customization options. The framework provides reusable and manageable code for developing highly attractive websites and applications.

  • Frequent Updates: The laravel framework provides regular updates that help developers to create websites with the ability to serve the changing business requirements.

  • Highly Competitive Websites and Apps: Laravel allows developing small to large size website and web app projects. Moreover, advanced tools like artisans enable businesses to lessen TTM (Time to Market) in deploying customized websites and web applications. In today’s competitive era, Laravel based websites and web apps allow enterprises to stay competitive and highly-efficient.


Laravel framework has a proven track record in today’s market and is expected to remain the developer’s favorite framework in the coming years. If you are planning to develop Laravel based web applications, make sure to hire Laravel developers from a reputed company that assures high-quality, reliable, and on-time project delivery.

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