How to Block Fb Comments Comments on Facebook Post Pictures?


The ability to submit comments on Facebook posts is available on many occasions, but not all of the time. You cannot prevent individuals from leaving comments on take advantage of the special your Facebook postings. Thus you are unable to do so.  Facebook has issued a statement saying that it cannot prevent users from commenting on posts at this time. Facebook is a public website; this is a possibility.

Spam, rudeness, and provocative language are all acceptable forms of communication. We’ll show you how to block comments on Facebook that you don’t want to see in this section. During a recent update, Facebook included the option to censor comments. Continue reading if you want to prevent individuals from commenting on your personal, company, or group Facebook postings. It is impossible to prevent people from leaving comments on a Facebook page dedicated to a group. Keep in mind that to turn off comments on a group post, you must be an administrator or moderator.

Personal account post in a Facebook group will be prohibited:

On Facebook, it’s fairly simple to prevent comments on a post from a page that you are a member of from appearing. For the sake of being fair to everyone, Facebook would like users to pick who can comment on their postings. You can now prevent people from commenting on your posts or pages on Facebook. This feature was previously unavailable.

Following the advice in the article, you may determine who can comment on your posts by setting them to “Public,” “Friends,” and “People/Pages,” among other options. People may quarrel and become enraged in Facebook groups at times. The group administrator’s duties as a moderator may be extremely time-consuming. In these instances, comments should be deleted.

Commenting is not permitted on most crucial topics, such as group rules or entries that need to be pinned. Not only is it possible to turn off comments on Facebook group posts, but it’s also possible to turn them on again. If you are the one who made the first post, you may wish to speak with the person in charge of the group. If you are one of those persons, here is how to prevent others from commenting:

suggestions for minimizing the number of comments on Facebook photos:

To begin, log into your account and locate the post you wish to keep comments off of it. Then select “hide comments from this post” from the drop-down menu. In the top right corner of the article, please hover your mouse over the three-dot icon that looks like three dots to choose it. After selecting “Who can’t comment on your article” from the drop-down menu, click “Save Changes.” Then, from the drop-down box, select “enable comments.”

 Block people from commenting on your images on Facebook:

People’s interactions with brands have transformed as a result of social media. It enables clients to express their views, opinions, and even complaints in real-time without waiting. The converse is true for brands: they can leverage these dialogues to foster a feeling of community and increase customer loyalty to their products. So why not disable Facebook comments altogether?

Trolls, bigots, and spammers abound in Facebook comment sections, detracting from the article’s overall interest level. Because Facebook is a public space, you must do all in your power to keep it clean. It is necessary to review all comments on this page to ensure no racist, sexist, or homophobic slurs, hate speech, or inappropriate photo content.

Having to deal with a large number of comments could rapidly become too much for you to handle. Adding to the confusion is the practice of muting comments on social media sites such as Facebook. Comments on a website or an advertisement can be turned off fast but not posted on the page. Suppose your company has a Facebook page or an advertisement.

You cannot prevent people from liking them and commenting on them. You can perform one of two ways to prevent Facebook users from leaving comments on your posts and advertisements: Let’s take them one by one and examine them.

1Moderation on Facebook allows you to conceal part of the comments on a post from view by other users:

Select Settings > General from the drop-down menu to moderate your Facebook profile. In the following stage, you should include the symbol “.” and additional symbols such as. “Include terms such as “to,” “you,” and other phrases that are not permitted in your content to be used. Many people will no longer say negative things about your Facebook posts or advertisements due to this. In this manner, you can prevent individuals from leaving comments on your other posts and advertisements while still allowing them to leave comments on certain of them.

 2. Status brew can be used to block all Facebook comments:

If you want to prevent individuals from commenting on a specific item, you can do it with Status brew’s “Rule engine.” So, here’s how it works: To use the rule engine in Status brew, select “Rules” from the drop-down menu. Give your new rule a name. Now, choose a Facebook account that is linked to Status brew. People can only publish if they wish all of their comments hidden. Keep the text on your computer. This is the Statusbrew Blog

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