How to Boost Your Website Ranking on Google


How To Boost Your Website Ranking On Google

The main aim of every planner, salesman, and writer in digital marketing services is to increase the rankings of the website. This helps in the generation of the traffic which further helps in providing leads and finally revenue.

 Following are some of the rules or tricks of the digital marketing business that can prove beneficial in terms of ranking. They are as follows:-


  1. Title tags with keywords:


While it is not mandatory to have a title with keywords; it is a sure-shot tip to get higher rankings on the website. Every Digital Marketing Service Provider should be aware that the simple logic behind the prefixing or suffixing of keywords to the title tag is that it makes your website more accessible to what people search for.


  1. Use keywords in the initial paragraph:


It is recommended that the initial paragraphs/content must contain keywords if they have to improve their rankings and generate traffic. Many people have the habit of writing a very long introduction and using keywords later in the write-up. This is not a good practice as this is marked down by search engines and google. Using a keyword in the initial paragraph helps Google understand the content and thus improves the ranking.


  1. Outbound Links:


Many digital marketers commit the mistake of not using outbound links in their articles. Outbound links play a very important role in deciding the rankings of the website by google. It makes the search engines / Google believe the content is relevant and informative; which helps to enhance the ranking. Every content writer should have the habit of adding links(like references, and context) about the topic. Ensure that these links are from trustworthy and high-quality sources.


  1. Meta descriptions:

These are placed right below your titles and URLs. They generally give the gist of the entire content with a maximum word limit of 150 words. An informative and impressive meta tag gives the entire information about the content briefly. They are extremely essential for those audiences who need to have a quick look at the content. When the consumer doesn’t have time to go in-depth about the details of the content, meta tags come  as a great help for him

This makes the traffic glued to your website. Hence, it plays a vital role in generating traffic. Thus, Google/ search engines improve the rankings of the website containing meta tags.

  1. Using Keywords in the URL:-


Every Digital Marketing Company knows that the keywords are the main support structure of the content, they should be used in the URL:  The target keywords used in the URL are considered to be trustworthy and more relevant by Google. They should be clear and precise 


  1. Strategically positioning of keywords:-


It is of utmost importance to place your keyword in the content. Strategically placement of keywords is an art. It is positioning your keywords in a sentence that makes sense. Stuffing of keywords puts off the viewers and is not at all advisable

  1. Post Long Content:-

Long Content is an all-time favorite of Google. Google feels a relevant text to be a long write-up. In addition to this; long content can add more keywords that could help in more traffic generation.

 So before gearing up for writing long content, one needs to invest a good time for proper research. One needs to have a flair for writing with impeccable language, as the incorrect language shows the careless and casual attitude

 Internal Linking:- 

It is the link within the same domain. They go from one page of the same domain to another page of the same domain. In other words, they are used for navigation. The users visit the links to read out the content as per their needs and interests. This helps in decreasing the bounce rate, as the viewer is engaged in searching the content within the links.  The more the internal links, the more trustworthy, reliable, and relevant the site is considered by Google. However, moderation is the key. One should not flood the entire content by internal links.


  1. Image Optimisation:-


Visuals carry a strong impact. The saying “ The picture is worth more than a thousand words” is indeed very apt. Ensure that the images having a file name should include target keywords.  Images carry the impression of authenticity and credibility to the Search Engines / Google. They also make a website more presentable and attractive. Images make comprehension of a topic easier.  They can also enhance the ratings when the user searches for images in Image Search.

  1. Long-tail Keywords:-


Long-tail keywords are mere queries by the user and are less competitive than shorter ones. They are more targeted and can help in improving the ranking of a website. If you have just started your campaign with a new website a longer keyword will prove to be better than the shorter ones. All the Digital Marketing Service Providers should make a note of it.

  1. Use LSI Keywords:-


LSI keywords are synonyms or phrases that can be used instead of a keyword. These are part of Google’s algorithm and give the best possible words for the keywords. 


  1. Speed of the Website:-


The speed of the website is of paramount importance. If the website is slow it pushes away the users. I.e. the bounce rate increases. This means that the viewer views the first page of the site and leaves it. The high speed of the website generates more traffic, which in turn increases more views and finally leads to more conversions and revenue 

  1. Websites should be mobile-friendly:-


We belong to an era where a large chunk of the population has a mobile. The Websites on mobile should be user-friendly. They should be easily readable, easy to use, and understandable. The website, which can fit the above criteria will be able to attract more traffic and eventually augment its ranking of the site.



We, as Digital Marketing professionals, have learned that unless and until our content is genuine, simple, and relevant, Google will not improve its ranking on our website. For the content to be made trustworthy, every Top Digital Company will have to work on long-tail keywords. These keywords have to be properly used in the sentence and not merely out of place. Visibility of the website in terms of Images, videos, title tags, and meta tags helps to attract traffic. Last but not the least, the speed of the website and internal links will decrease the bounce rate and hence augment the ranking.

The enhancement of website ranking may be a slow process, but with the above factors taken into consideration, this is a sure-shot road to success.

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