How to choose Best Deskjet printer


If you are a small business or home user and you need the best printer then a great Deskjet printer is the most required instrument that you need on your table. Well, you can also buy a good laser jet printer but as you know a laserjet printer would cost you high initially and is much higher priced when compared to inkjet printer. And if you not use for much printing requirements almost around 300-500 pages per day then laserjet printing cost will also cost higher for printing. That’s why inkjet printers comes into the place. It will give you decent printing with decent printing cost that would not hurt your pocket. Even if you cost around $500 then you can get a all in one printer which can print monochrome, color and even have the capability to scan your documents. With this printers you can start copying your documents without connecting to any computers. Some high end Inkjet printers comes with wireless support, direct USB support so that you can just print directly using the printer without connecting to any computers.

Some high end deskjet printers have the capability to print up to 70 Pages per minute which is quite faster even compared to mid end laser printers. Just like HP PageWide Pro 577dw printer which is a great printer for business purpose yopu can store 500 pages in a tray. And the printer supports up to 3 tray connectivity so that you can print without worrying about adding any papers also supports auto duplexe printer. So this kind of printers are excellent for business usage where you need to print a huge number of pages. Well, this printer would cost you around $900 but worth the price if you have multi pages to print.

Types of Inkjet Printer :

There are mainly two kinds of Inkjet printers depending to printing technology. One is cartridge based printer and another is Ink tank based printer. Ink tank based printer are the latest technology where an ink tank is attached to the printer while printing this ink tank directly supplies ink to print. When the printer runs out of ink then you have to refill the ink in the tank to print again. While another cartridge based printers work by the cartridge. The cartridges have packed with ink and this cartridge prints the page. While the printer runs out of ink then you have to refill the cartridge or you have to buy a new cartridge. though the cartridge based inkjet printer is of old technology with time these printers also got updates and got much advanced technology. One con of this cartridge based printer is that when no longer in use the cartridge can get damage along it can damage some part of the printer. While in the case of an ink tank based printer the ink got to dry out while you have to clean the ink tank and refill the ink which is costly but less compared to cartridge damage. Now it is your choice which one to buy. Well, if you are buying an Inkjet printer then must keep in mind that you have to use it at least once a week to keep the printer up and running.


In this short article it is impossible to make sense of every aspect of Inkjet printer and how to buy or which one to buy. For further to get into description of ten best Deskjet printer and what are the things that you need to check before purchasing the best Inkjet printer of yourself or for your loved ones then visit to get a detailed review of ten best Inkjet printers available in the market. The list are given after thorough research and listed ten best product from thousands of products available in the market. Also you can get buyers guide by which you can get to know how to buy the best one. There are also many more product reviews that you can get with detailed descriptive reviews so that you can buy without any worrying.

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