Let Celebrity Wedding E Invitation Bring Emotions to Your Wedding Diary!


No matter whether the wedding functions of our Bollywood celebs are a calm undertaking or a fabulous celebration, every minute detail identified with their marriage gets significant.

Be it about their Mehendi function, sangeet shows, wedding outfits, or list of attendees, everything they might do goes under the scanner.

What’s more, if you are searching for approaches to add some Bollywood flavor to your wedding, at that point, how about starting from the most basic – wedding invitations?

Engrave Wedding E Videos That Match the Glitziness and Charm of Your Special Day

Wedding video invitations are a popular trend these days, mainly because they let you feel like a celebrity. It’s almost like a promo video of how your wedding is going to showcase. These will give your guests an idea of ​​the theme, and if so, they can also give an overview of your personality.

One last thing that defines the wedding E invite to separate is the cost – they are often much more affordable than their paper counterparts. That says there may be other ways to save on your wedding that will let you have your cake and eat it too.

Of course, if you plan a less formal event and memories do not move you, wedding invitations are the way forward.

Customize or Craft Beautiful Video Invitations for Your Wedding

E invitations will give your guests an idea of ​​what you exactly expect on your wedding day, whether it’s an occasional bachelorette brunch or a small garden wedding.

Lovely Wedding Mall is a marque that specializes in the conceptualization of celebrity E invitations for weddings. The collection of wedding invitation designers that continues to increase add to the opportunity for essential celebrations that family shares together.

Do you need a simple but exclusive invitation card or wedding E invitation card? We have it all. And we also offer custom-made services so you can add your pieces to cards that can make your guests drop their jaw.

Here Are Some Wedding Video Invitations That Can Adapt To All Kinds of Couple!

1.      The Sarvagun Sampann Couple

Here, the couple is usually spiritual. The song that will play at the beginning of the video will call Lord Ganesha to eliminate obstacles on your way.

So, it is safe to say that you will invite you to have an incredible wedding with this video. The lively Indian music in the background provides an enjoyable experience.

2.      The Gypsy Couple

If you are a free spirit and a true gypsy in the heart, then this sensation of celebrity video invitation will be the perfect fit. Bohemian flute music with a modern touch is a good option. The bright colors also add up to aesthetics.

3.      The Alamode couple

If you are a new couple who like to follow the trend and hashtag at this time, this is one of the fantastic wedding video invitations that will match your personality. Groovy music certainly implies.

4.      The celebrity couple

These work well for Gujarati celebrity E invitation, which realizes famous dialogue from the actors of Gujarati. The design has an authentic traditional Indian touch, and this image only adds to the attraction. Hindustani classical music couples perfectly with videos!

5.      The Romantic couple

Here Gujarati celebrity video message with the whole look and feel the craft invitation has remembered deep emotions for each other.

They are always together doing foaming things, and being around them can make you feel as if you fell in love. The soothing background music looks like it would be perfect for a slow waltz!

6.      The Modern Duo

This is that of the most progressive and elegant couples. Then, you will love invitations with elegant and modern celebrity video message invitations. This unique video invitation embodies that, and almost technological music indeed makes you touch your feet!

7.      The Eclectic Lovebirds

This is a video invitation that can match anyone’s eclectic personality. The slide changes with different clips that make you feel as if you were watching the actual ceremony. The beautiful music flawlessly matches the wedding video invitation.

8.      The Artistic Couple

Warli Art is one of the best forms of popular art present today. The ancient form of art is still practiced in Maharashtra predominantly. So, if you are an artistic couple, what is better than announcing your great day with a genuinely artistic invitation?

9.      The Dreamy Couple

Here the couple will be in their world. Forever, they are whispering, giving, and if you want to learn to make the eyes of the heart, observe them. You will be an expert in Silent Wooing!

One of the most beautiful wedding video invitations are midnight dreams, invite and paired with moving music; they will surely be an invitation to remember!

Lovely Wedding Mall- Your Personal Wedding E Invite Planner

Lovely Wedding Mall E invitation exhibits you to find your wedding invitation by providing custom-made celebrity style invitations.

The wedding card makes the first impression. So, see the design of the wedding card, browse the prices, see the best invitation you desire by reading the requirements, and select the best choice for your wedding invitation.

Check out Lovely Wedding Mall wedding online collection of wedding E invitation cards and see what makes sense for your specific needs. Then let us know we will make certain you get precisely what you want.

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