Menswear Essentials Guide: How to style for a classy look


To stand out and look classy a man can do a lot of things. One of the important ways out of them is to dress up nicely. Just take a second and imagine, a billionaire handsome guy with a chiseled face wearing the clothes of a homeless guy. That man no matter how rich or smart he is will never look classy. A man needs to look dandy and stylish for everyone to notice the taste and personality he possesses. In this consideration, if you want to make an impact and make yourself look classy you need to know how to dress up. You need to know what to wear, what colors to choose, and what style suits you the most. Here are some suggestions to give you a kick start towards a classy elegant look in your day-to-day life.



Complete wardrobe necessities:

While you are working on making a personal style, make sure that your wardrobe is equipped sufficiently to give you a classic look. A black suit, a classic blazer, jeans that fit nicely, some T-shirts and few button-down shirts in whites and neutral colors, and a jacket for winter are essentials for your wardrobe. Learn to mix and match the staples together before going for a unique personal touch of your own.


Concentrate on fitting:

A good fit of all your clothing items is a key to good looks. Try to stick with a good tailor who knows your measurements well. Well-tailored clothes not only look chic but are also comfortable to wear. If your essential wardrobe has everything that fits you well then you can begin to experience baggies and snug fits to find the unique style for every type of clothing that you can own as your signature.


Get down to make your mark:

Setting your trend and signature style is not easy. Take time to experiment with different colors and fits to settle on your particular pallet. Another unique tip to equip your wardrobe with a personal classy style is to not follow the latest fashion to the core. Mainstream trends change too rapidly to become the staple of your exclusive style. Therefore, stick to a style that you want as your personality signature.


Add a watch to your first impression   

Your first impression usually works as the last. With your initial impactful impression, you can grab the first precious seconds to make your influence and sell a thought. A simple trick to do that is to wear an impressive watch. Investing in watches has profound benefits for professionals. Many people weigh a person with the watch and footwear he prefers.




Play with hues:

Many people hesitate to add colors to their appearance. In that case, you can start with one colorful piece at a time. Gradually begin to mix and match different shades in your clothes. Try them on clothes that are less costly so you can pass them out if the color doesn’t suit your personality. You can settle on color combinations when you are comfortable wearing shades other than neutrals.


Get serious footwear 

People still believe the saying that you can judge a person by his shoes. This means that if you want to be judged right then your shoes should be chosen very carefully. If you are still wearing the running shoes then you give a student look and will be treated as the same by people around you. Therefore, explore your footwear options. Dress shoes are the best option for professionals. It is classic footwear that works for almost everyone and on almost every occasion. Leather shoes are also good investments if the shoes you have selected are comfortable to wear. Leather shoes tend to get new and shiny if taken care of carefully therefore, you can consider it a long-term investment. Moreover, these shoes call attention to details and signify that how carefully you represent yourself.


The belt that you want: 

You should know what belt to wear, what width suits you, and what kind of buckle defines you best. However, one thing is constant in buying the right belt. Your belt should match and go well with your footwear. Although the belts are meant mainly to hold your pants, they can add a style and persona to your overall clothing if chosen wisely.


The bottom line

Besides the above-mentioned factors, you need to ensure that you are always clean and crisp. Make sure that you are not wearing worn-out clothes. However, not everyone can afford designer clothing from a boutique every other month. But there is nothing to worry about. You can equip your entire wardrobe by purchasing good brands from online wholesalers such as ApparelnBags. You can select Sports-Tek shirts to give a particular classy style to your wardrobe which is the forte of the brand. All in all, looking classy is not always expensive. You can look elegant by making smart choices regarding your purchase and that too without burning a hole in your pocket.

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