The Benefits of Delivery Management Software


Delivery management software is an effective tool that helps streamline the entire product delivery process starting from initial application through delivery. This reduces costs, improves efficiency, increases profitability, and enhances customer service. Users can easily automate delivery dispatch and pickup, monitor delivery status and schedules, and receive tips for shorter delivery routes to increase faster deliveries.

The system also helps in scheduling driver’s shifts and collecting payment. It even integrates with third-party vendors such as freight brokers and online bill pay services.

The key advantages of real-time systems include

  • Reduced employee turn-over
  • Increased control over payroll
  • Streamlined customer service
  • Improved customer satisfaction and
  • Recruitment and improved customer retention.

Since delivery management software can generate reports, it helps trucking companies reduce operating costs, including vehicle expenses, fuel, payroll, and vendor reimbursements. Also, these reports can help trucking managers determine the number and type of routes that need to be taken to increase traffic and reduce congestion. By providing real-time data about truck traffic, congestion, driver break times, delivery schedules, delivery location locations, and driver preferences, the software can assist trucking managers in making critical decisions regarding routes, drivers, delivery schedules, and payment methods.

Real-Time Delivery / Package Tracking

One of the most valuable advantages of this technology is real-time tracking. Real-time tracking can provide information such as loads, times delivered per route, truckloads carried per truck, average delivery time, delivery locations, average delivery times, and other relevant data.

Trucking companies may also benefit from real-time tracking in reducing operational expenses and speeding up customer service. For instance, if a driver is late a few minutes before he or she is due to make a delivery, the driver will be able to easily enter the location where they were supposed to make the delivery and will not have to wait for their route in order to do so.

Auto-Delivery Dispatch and Scheduling

Many delivery management software packages also provide real-time tracking of dispatch orders, which can provide information such as when an order was placed, the shipping carrier, shipping dates, and delivery addresses. Order entries can then be automatically reconciled with the delivery address database to determine whether the delivery was made on schedule. This feature is particularly useful for companies that regularly ship goods with carriers that are not familiar with the particular shipping practices used by the company. Real-time tracking also enables delivery agents to easily identify lost packages.

Save Cost and Time

The benefits of delivery management software extend beyond cost-saving benefits. This type of software also reduces time spent manually entering information into systems, such as those used by trucking managers. Furthermore, using software designed specifically for delivery services can help trucking managers cut costs by eliminating waste and manual processes.

For example, when an agent needs to update a list of orders, they do not need to physically go through the order list in their office. Instead, the software enables them to simply input the data in their computer and automatically updates the relevant fields.

Easy Integration with POS and Ecommerce Platforms

Another benefit of delivery management software packages is that they can be integrated with existing systems, such as that used by trucking companies for scheduling deliveries. By using a fully integrated delivery management system, delivery agents can enter orders and update addresses without having to contact drivers directly or update their software in their office.

In addition, when an agent needs to view a log of recent delivery information, they do not need to go to their company’s main computer to retrieve the details – they can simply use delivery tracking software installed on the trucks themselves. This means that companies can save money on employee expenses because these employees’ time will not be spent hunting down delivery details.

However, there are some disadvantages of delivery management software packages as well. Some delivery services are skeptical about the impact of introducing software into their business, but the fact is that this is simply a waste of money for both companies and delivery agents. Because many delivery management software packages are more expensive than their competing solutions, delivery agents often feel that they are being forced to use these products simply because they have been offered. By using these programs, delivery agents may feel that they are being forced to work with undesirable vendors.

So, what are the benefits of delivery management software?

The biggest benefit of this type of software is that it streamlines operations, which reduces stress and minimizes downtime. Furthermore, by integrating with other systems (such as trucking last mile delivery software), it can integrate with existing data so that drivers have the most up-to-date and accurate information about their route assignments and delivery schedules. Finally, by providing a streamlined way to manage inventory and route information, this software can greatly improve a company’s profit margins. Overall, delivery management software packages are very useful, especially if you run a large international delivery company.

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