Top 25 Delicious and Healthy Indian Dishes & Foods



Top 25 Healthy Indian Dishes:


Our Indian food is famous worldwide due to its spicy flavor and rich taste. Rather than being famous worldwide, it is also thought to be full of fat and unhealthy due to the number of carbohydrates and fats present in it. But every coin has two sides and the same holds correct for Indian food.

There are a variety of dishes that are both tasty and healthy. Let us have a look at a few such dishes.

Healthy Indian Dishes:

  1. Butter chicken:


This is a curry that is solely made up of curd instead of any fat cream and vegetables making it full of various nutrients.


2.    Curry of carrot and chickpea


This curry is super delicious and healthy as there is a sweet taste and served with rice


3.    Vegan carrot soup:


This soup has a great taste and smell. It is creamy enough due to curry powder and coconut milk. It can consume all your carrots that are often ignored in the kitchen. 


4.    Vegetable biryani with baked tofu:


The extremely spicy rice dish of our India that has various spices in it is cooked with baked tofu to add extra health to the dish. Biryani is both flavorful and healthful.


5.    Garlic naan purely homemade:


We are always interested in a binge on naan with a curry but as loaded with bad health we cannot have it outside. But surely we can have a homemade healthy naan that is plain.


6.    Vegetable Raita:


A dish loaded with vegetables and yogurt that is often served with spicy dishes is a great health option. Raita has a cooling effect due to yogurt on fires of chilies.


7.    Dal baati:

The famous food of Rajasthan Dal baati is super healthy as baati is made up of wheat flour, yogurt, salt, and oil. Also, the dal that is served is a mixture of various dal making them nutritious and healthy.


8.    Poha:


Poha is also known as beaten rice. It is the best priority for people on diet.  Onion, potato, chilies, mustard seeds, curry leaves, Chana dal, etc. are also added to it to make it healthier.


9.    Tandoori chicken:


Tandoori chicken is grilled, which makes it a healthier option compared to chicken fried cooked with oil and curry,.Before grilling chicken pieces are marinated in lemon juice, yogurt, and spices. It is grilled in a tandoor that gives it an awesome taste. This mouth-watering dish is extremely healthy and yummy.


10. Kebabs:


Kebabs are made up of meat of chicken, fish, pork, lamb, etc. but nowadays you have. A veg option too. Though full of spices, kebab is a healthy option to have as a meal.


11. Egg curry:


There are several different ways to cook an egg curry but all of them are extremely tasty and healthy. Boiled egg curry is the most preferred one. It is a great recipe for the main course.


12. Steamed momos:


Being oil-free these momos can be a healthful option. The steamed momos can be both veg and non-veg. Momos are consumed as snacks with tomato chutney or homemade sauce.


13. Kaju paneer curry:


This a creamy and exotic dish that is most selected in the restaurant. It has a

Creamy texture and has paneer that makes it healthy than any other option available in restaurants. You can have it with naans.


14. Rajma:


Rajma for a long time is seen as a healthier option no doubt in that. It is a red kidney bean that has lots of gravy and is cooked with a heavy amount of spices.

This is served with rice or naan.


15. Chilla:


Chilla is made up of different ingredients.  It is always preferred in low oil. It is mostly good for people on weight loss.


16. Upma:


The South Indian dish Rava upma is full of fibers as vegetables is present and low in carbs making it a healthful option.


17.Kobi ki sabzi:


Famous Maharashtrian main course sabzi Kobi can be cooked with tomatoes and peas. It has 2.2g of protein and 65 calories in one serving.


18. Daliya:


Dalia is a lightweight healthy breakfast option. It has tons of fibers that maintain the digestive system. 85 calories are present in a single serving.


19. Buttermilk:


In opposition to its name it has no butter and is low in fat. It is made from low-fat milk and is healthy to include in the diet. 


20. Arhar ki dal:


This dal has 53 calories, 1.2g of fats, and 8.0 g of carbs making it a healthful dish.

It is considered one of the healthiest, but inexpensive foods in the country.


21. Dhokla:


The most popular Gujarat dish is an easy-to-make and healthy breakfast option. There are many kinds of dhokla and are always healthier.


22. Dosa:


Dosa is a staple South Indian food that is low in oil and full of nutrition that can replace a whole meal. Served with sambar and different chutneys make them more delicious.


23. Parathas:


Parathas can be made from many vegetables that make them full of fibers and the healthiest option for breakfast.


24. Smoothies:


Having a fruit smoothie is also the healthiest Indian food.


25. Salad:


In India, we eat different salads made from different vegetables and fruits. These are also healthy foods.



Our India has rich varieties of food that are both healthy and tasty. It is on us totally what we choose and how we cook.


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