Top Cakes Flavours for Your Birthday


No one wants to slip delicious chocolaty cakes from their hands. Cakes are considered the most important item, especially when it is time for a celebration, and we can get them easily just by sitting at home. You can now send cake online for your loved ones to celebrate the occasion. There are so many flavors of the cake that are served today from finger-licking chocolate tastes to fruit cakes like strawberry and pineapple cake. Following are some of the most common cake flavors that you can choose from for your birthday-

Chocolate Cake

Chocolate cake is the most delicious cake which very few people deny. It brings out the childhood memories of when we used to lick our fingers. Various chocolate cakes can be purchased, such as Truffle cake, Oreo Mousse Cake, Black Forest Cake, Crunchy Choco Cake, etc. chocolate cakes are now made with a combination of many other ingredients and flavours to add a unique taste to it. Moreover, you can order cake online in Ghaziabad to add some delicacies to your plate.

Vanilla Cake

Vanilla is one of the oldest flavours loved by every person. It is plain and simple, mixed with other flavours to add a touch to it. Mainly vanilla cakes are classic cakes that come in different varieties such as Vanilla sponge, Vanilla lemon where a pinch of lemon flavour is added, Eggless Vanilla, etc. It is a good choice for a baby shower, anniversary cake, and even for making a decorative cake.

Red Velvet-

The sparkling red color in this cake represents love for your dear ones. This cake is specially ordered when there is some special occasion like anniversary, birthday, Valentine day, where people reflect their love for their partners. You can have your cake delivered in Indore online with the help of online delivery apps. This cake is a combination of a red sandwich with white cream, which is a true depiction of love and touches one’s heart. It is one of the topmost cakes which is ordered by couples. 

The Black Forest-

This cake is a multi-layered cake which consists of different flavor within it. It has chocolate, vanilla, cherries, whipped cream, which gives it a fantastic taste. It is decorated with chocolate beans, crushed chocolate, chocolate shaving, and many other props for making it more attractive. It is a great choice for those who love the combination of different flavors. It is thick and spongy with freshly baked bread covered in vanilla and chocolate.


Butterscotch Cakes involves crunchy caramel drizzle, butterscotch ganache, white chocolate, making it crispy and tasty. This cake is best for any occasion. It is recommended for those who do not like chocolate cakes much, as butterscotch has its unique taste and will make your mouth crunch while eating it. 

Fresh Fruit Flavour-

Fresh fruit cake is the best choice for anyone who does not have any specific taste. It is made with fresh fruits like apples, kiwi, orange, pineapple, and whipped cream. These fruits are added in between the cake and give a fruity taste in each bite. It is a multi-layered fruit cake with a vanilla sponge and freshly chopped fruits in a decorative style. It is made especially for vegetarian people. Moreover, the sweet-sour taste of different fruits makes it even more special. 

Mango Cake-

Who doesn’t like Mangoes? Imagine having a cake of your favorite fruit. Mango cakes are very appealing and delicious. It is made with a combination of fresh Mangoes and Kesar to add a flavor to the cake. You would want it more and more as its taste never slips from your mouth. It is the best choice for people who are not chocolate cake fans. And mango cakes can be made on any occasion as mango is a favorite fruit of many people. 


It is a cute birthday cake with strawberries all over the cake. This cake is majorly liked by children due to its pink color and sweet taste. You can easily find strawberry cakes frozen, chilled, which tastes amazing. Sometimes, strawberries are whipped in frozen chocolates and used as an ingredient to decorate the top of the cake. Hence, it serves best for chocolate lovers as well.

The above-mentioned cakes are some of the basic and widely used flavors that everyone loves and make an occasion even more special.

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