Top Programming Languages used by Android Mobile App Development Company


In the world of mobiles, technology, and communication, Android mobiles have an edge. They are liked and owned by almost 80% of people in all parts of the universe. As a large number of people are using Android-run devices, business enterprises smell the possibility of catching their audience on mobile devices. That is why Android mobile and web application development services and solutions are being demanded. When it comes to taking Android mobile application development from a top mobile app development company in India, you need to know what Android app development matches your needs the best. Read this content and find out what sort of programming languages are used by an Android Mobile App Development Company.

Five unique programming languages that matter the most

There is no shortage of platforms and languages for developing web and desktop apps. But choosing a particular language can be really difficult. As a business person with no technical background, it can be hard for you to make a balanced decision. Only experienced Android developers can take things to the next level for making unique apps. If you search for the most popular programming language that the best mobile app development company uses for Android apps, this article can help you a lot.


When you think of mobile app development in India for Android apps, an Android mobile app development company comes into the light. Java is one of the most popular and overused programming languages by Android developers. Java is an object-oriented language that efficiently manages the app development process and handles complex apps. The best part of the language is its ability to support many APIs and run on various platforms.

Introduced in 1996 and developed by James Gosling at Sun Microsystems, Java is easy to learn and has different open-source libraries. This server-side programming language was made official by Google before Kotlin came into existence. This language is ideal for having unique apps and robust backend servers.


Another popular language that the top mobile app development company in India prefers to use is Kotlin. It is an Android-compatible language that emerges as an alternative to Java. Developers indulged in mobile app development in India find this cross-platform programming language concise and expressive with its ability to fix bugs, avoid errors, and manage multiple libraries.

This language was introduced in 2017 and was designed by Jetbrain (The developer of Android Studio). The thing that makes this language the first choice of all is Google’s preference for this language as a new official language. Kotlin makes a big difference with its usage for client-side web, server-side, and Android development.


Another programming language that steals the show is Python. This general-purpose coding language is used on a server for unique web application creation. Introduced on February 20, 1991, and developed by Guido van Rossum, it is high-level android app development software. It makes a big difference with web and internet development. From backend development to software development, this programming language helps developers improve productivity. You can build large commercial system applications with less coding facility.


Introduced in 1983 and developed by Bjarne Stroustrup, C++ is a general-purpose high-level language for building high-performing mobile and desktop apps. It lets programmers get total control over operating systems and browsers while developing Android apps. With NDK, a native software kit, this language enables developers to develop Android apps quickly.

PHP programming language

Introduced in 1994 and developed by Rasmus Lerdorf, it is a popular general-purpose scripting language that makes a big difference to static websites, dynamic websites, and web apps. Your search for the best Android programming language comes to an end when you find a professional Android mobile app development company using PHP programming language for building Android apps. An experienced and the best mobile app development company knows that PHP is open-source. Using this language, they make great apps with lower costs. The thing that makes PHP useful for all is its simplicity and easiness. With features of assurance, quality, and adaptability, this language overcomes different languages used by developers in the market.

All Android app development service-providing companies use these five programming languages to offer top-quality mobile apps. If you are looking for the best language needed for android app development, this article will help you make things happen in your favor.

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