Various Issues Of Rockspace Range Extender! How To Promptly Resolve It?


I used to use a wireless router in my house but my house is very big so that I do not get the proper range of router. As soon as I connected my device to the wireless router signal, I used to see a weak signal so I couldn’t enjoy the network signal. So someone advised you to install a wireless range extender with your router because the range extender increases the range. But the extender should be such that it is compatible with all the devices and enhances the network signal of all. Then you usually use the Rockspace range extender because it is widely compatible with all brand routers as well as all networking devices. The network signal range of this device is powerful & more reliable. 

Moreover, the Rockspace wireless extender extends wireless network coverage & boosts your internet WiFi coverage. It easily attaches to any device and then enhances the network signals. But the extender should be such that it is compatible with all the devices and enhances the network signal of all. The installation of the Rockspace extender is very simple & no wires, power adapter, the power cord is required to install the extender. 

Resolve various issues of Rockspace Range Extender

Sometimes some issues arise while using the extender device due to which we cannot get WiFi network connectivity from this device. If you want to enjoy a high-speed WiFi network, then you have to solve the problem related to it, then only network connectivity will be available. First, you have to see what is the problem with this extender, after that it has to be resolved.

Problems of the Rockspace wireless range extender:

Extender does not deliver a stable network range

LEDs indicator light orange

Not connect to the existing router

LEDs light solid red

Range extender no signal

Resolve the various problems related to the rockspace WiFi extender:

Modify the network name & password

If the network range is slow or you face an interrupted network signal then you know about how many devices connect to the range extender. If many devices are connected to this device without your permission then you need to disconnect it. If you wish to disconnect the device then you should modify the network password. If you change the network password of the range extender then the device is disconnected automatically. If you wish to change the network password then, simply visit the setting of the range extender. Under the wireless setting of the extender device, you will get the password & SSID section. Click this option and then erase the default network name & password, afterward, type a new password & network name. And this information will be saved after clicking the save option. 

Relocated the wireless range extender

If the network connectivity is slow or your existing router disconnects repeatedly then you need to relocate the position of your extender. Because many times the position of your range extender also creates the issue. If you really increase the range of your wireless device then you select the position near your wireless router.  If your extender is in one room and your wireless router is in another room then the network connectivity is slow or your router disconnects. To resolve the issue you need to resolve the position of your range extender. 

Update the Rockspace Range extender firmware in the latest version

Sometimes the LEDs light of the range extender blinks orange that means the firmware version of your device is outdated. If you wish to resolve the orange light issue you need to update the extender firmware to the latest version. Open the web utility in your network-connected device and insert re.rockspace.local. Then enter the login admin password and login into the account. Afterward, select the firmware option and then quickly update the firmware with the firmware file. Although, after login to the account you easily perform the rock space wifi extender setup in a hassle-free way.

Ensure the connection

If the LEDs light of the Rockspace range extender device is red then you need to ensure the connection. Because many times the connection is loose or not correct then the light solid red. If you wish to resolve the red light issue then you can make the connection again in a proper manner. Afterward, the red light issue was accurately resolved. Take a new cable because the old cable may be broken or damaged then it cannot make the connection. While using the new cable, you quickly make the connection. 

Reset the extender 

If the Rockspace extender is not functioning well or does not deliver the stable network range then you can perform the reset of this extender device. Because reset is the best option to resolve all the issues related to the extender. With the reset button, you easily perform the reset. This button is placed on the bottom side of the range extender. 

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