Which brand bra is best for daily wear?


Bras are one of the most essential innerwear for girls and women of all ages. Over the last decades, we show a massive rise in the innerwear industry. The increasing demand for bras leads to the number of offline and online bra stores with a lot of brands. 

Elixir is one such brand that offers an exclusive range of bra sets for every occasion. 


So many options for bras are there but which one should I pick? This is the question that comes to mind of almost every girl when they are getting ready for an office or a casual outing. While wearing a Bra daily is a universal consensus for women, it is also important to choose the right bra for you for everyday wear. 


As a strapless lacy bra is a perfect choice for night parties and date nights, t when it comes to wearing all day, it might turn into nightwear.  Now, whether you have a whole day of work in an office or at home or you have a chill day, there’s a perfect bra for you to keep you the comfortable whole day. 


Wearing a comfortable bra for the whole day keeps your mood good and makes it easy to do the work and supports you for long hours.

There are so many bras out there in the market, so getting confused about choosing the right bra for everyday use is very natural. To help you out we have brought the list of bras that should be in your innerwear wardrobe. You never know which bra you will need depending on the situation. 

1. Tshirt bras- All day every day

Tshirt Bras are the favorite of everyone for daily use. T-shirt bras come with a molded and seamless cup to offer a smooth and invisible look. These features make Tshirts bras perfect for everyday use. Tshirts bras are very versatile and they must be in your innerwear wardrobe. 

2. Non Padded bras- Relief with Extras

If you want to feel lightweight and comfortable, then you must go for non-padded bras offered by Ellixy. As the name suggests non-padded bras do not come with extra padding. Their cups are simple and made up of a few layers of fabric. Women with big breasts often choose non-padded bras for everyday use. Non-padded bras do not give the feeling of accentuating and provide you with the perfect support at the same time. 

3. Sports Bra: Stay active 


As working out is a part of everyday life for almost every woman, a sports bra is very essential to be in your wardrobe. During working out, the movement of breasts may cause discomfort and pain. That is where a sports bra is very useful. The sports bra is designed in such a way that it provides the proper support to the breast while working out. Apart from working out sessions, sports bras can also be worn for the whole day under a T-shirt or your office wear. It provides the proper fit and comfort for the whole day. 

4. Plunge Bra: Take the plunge

Due to its low cut and less coverage, plunge bras are ideal to wear under deep neck tops and dresses. There comes a day when you want to wear something stylish and deep neck dress. A plunge bra is a perfect choice for that occasion to be comfortable and confident about what you have to wear. A plunge bra provides the proper support to the breasts. When you wear it under any deep neck dress, creates the illusion of a V shape which makes the beautiful cleavage. 

5. Non-wired Bras- Feel the freedom

In a non-wired bra, there is no metal underwire in the cups. This makes the non-wired bras very flexible and easy to move. Non-wired Bras have elastic bands and strap to provide support to your breast.  If you want comfort for the whole day, go for non-wired bras to feel the freedom. 

6. Push up  Bras- push your spirit.

Push-up Bras have padding cups that keep the bust in center and shape. Push Bras are available in both wired and ono-wired options. They are available in demi-cups and full coverage as well.  It is the perfect choice for low-neck outfits. So, a push bra should be in your innerwear wardrobe. 

7. Strapless Bras- Be invisible

Strapless Bras are very fashionable and popular among women of all ages. Strapless Bras offers all the support that we seek in an everyday bra. The specialty of this bra is that it comes without shoulder straps. It is the perfect choice to wear with off-shoulder dresses and a halter neck style of outfits. 

8. Balconette Bras-  Counter the look

Balconettes are the perfect and ideal choice for ethnic wear and traditional outfits. These Bras offer partial coverage for breasts and offer natural lifts and a contoured look. The straps of balconette bras are wide which is ideal to wear under boat-necked tops, blouses, and many other dresses of the same kind.


If you want to upgrade your innerwear wardrobe with the latest collection of daily wear bras, then you should visit Elixir. Elixir is one of the leading online stores for innerwear which offers the latest and premium range of innerwear for everyday use. 


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