Block Printed Kaftans: The Perfect Summer Wear


Hand-block printed dresses will never go out of style, the perfect blend of fashion and comfort. It doesn’t matter how many years fly away; they are here to stay. These dresses are suitable for anywhere, work, home, special occasions, and many more.

Dresses for any season are available in hand-block printed style; this feature makes them even more loved by all; as this article speaks of seasons, it is time to recall that summer is here, and what better way to flaunt wearing a kaftan? These comfy and stylish dresses are the perfect summer dress for women, here’s why.

What makes block-printed kaftans perfect summer wear?

A Block Printed Kaftan is excellent summer wear loved by women worldwide; there is no single woman whose wardrobe lacks kaftans. Here are some points to justify this claim.

Here is a secret: why not give a block-printed kaftan to someone special this summer and put a smile on their face?

Comfort matters the most: – When people discuss block printed dresses, the first thing that comes to their mind is comfort, and a beautiful kaftan is no exception here, this is one reason they will not go out of trend; think of kaftans as a fusion between fashion and comfort.

These articles provide the comfort needed during the highly heated season because of the loose fabric, plus the breezy fabric will fly in the wind, perfect for the carefree women who love to enjoy the outdoors.

These loose and airy dresses are an excellent choice for any summer occasion. In short, if a woman wants an outfit that keeps her body relaxed and comfortable, then the kaftan is the answer.

Variety of designs: – The second point of praise for block-printed kaftans is that they are available in various designs. Block printing is on the rise in India because the fabrics represent the country’s culture in every article they create. Whether it is kid’s wear, men’s wear, women’s wear, or furnishings such as quilts and table covers, every piece is unique and beautiful. For this reason, block-printed kaftans will always have great demand.

It can be worn as nightwear too: – Thanks to the kaftans being loose, wearing them as nightwear is also a good option, imagine nightwear that is traditional, represents the culture, and is stylish, 3 in 1, how cool is that.

Accessorize without limits: – Block-printed kaftans can be accessorized with anything, it will look amazing with the newly bought earrings or bangles. Pair them with sandals for a stunning look or matching jeans or pajamas for a desi-chic look.

Shivalaya Jaipur is a well-known manufacturer of Block Printed Clothing in Rajasthan; they sell Block Printed Kaftans of the highest quality at affordable prices all across India. Other than that, their maxi dress, vintage Kantha quilts, and shirts are also trendy, among other items, so please check them out and show some love to the culture and tradition of India.

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