Nikon flagship full-frame mirrorless Z9 to be released in 2021


On March 10, Nikon announced that it would release its flagship full-frame mirrorless camera, the Z9, sometime this year. The Z9 is a product located in the Z7 series of full-frame mirrorless cameras released in 2018.


The core of Nikon’s Z9 is the newly developed FX-format (36x24mm) stacked CMOS sensor, image processing engine, and 8K video recording. In terms of shooting 8K video, Nikon’s stacked sensor is expected to be based on the sensor technology installed in Sony’s recently released flagship camera, Alpha 1.

Nikon said it would disclose details such as price, performance, and specifications at a later date. However, according to the results of the analysis of data released by the foreign press so far, the width of the Z9 is expected to be longer than that of the Z7 . If you compare the body with the Z 24-70mm f/2.8 S lens attached to the Z9 in the photos that Nikon has officially revealed, the width of the Z9 is estimated to be 137mm-154mm, which is similar to the width of the Z7 II of 134mm. As you can soon in the image, the difference between the two is in the vertical direction. While the Z7 II is 101mm, the Z9 is 135mm-154mm with the battery grip attached.

The Z9 is a vertical-grip integrated mirrorless camera for professionals. As you can see in the picture, similar to the Nikon D6 for professionals, the control panel is located on the upper left, and on the right is the button related to video shooting.

Combining the analyzed data, the Z9 is expected to have a similar shape to Nikon’s D6, a DSLR, rather than the Z series product. Compared to the D6, the Z9 is expected to be slightly smaller than the D6. Considering that the Z9 is a model that was launched for professionals like the D6, foreign media said, “A big change in design could result in a potential customer who was loyal to Nikon.”

Nikon said, “We are developing with the goal of realizing the best performance in both photos and videos so that by concentrating our cutting-edge technology into the Z9, experts in various sales fields can be satisfied.”

The above picture is presented as an attached picture for better understanding, size comparison may be inaccurate, and specific specifications may differ from the actual product.

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