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Several varieties of resistance bands are available, but as is the case with many other things in life, not all are made equal. To begin, you have a variety of resistance bands with varying resistance levels. Second, there is the issue of band quality to consider. Thirdly, you have a range of pricing options.
We will cover the numerous types of resistance bands, their functions, and which form of resistance band is the most flexible and our personal preference in this post. We’ll also explore price points and how to judge the quality of the bands you’re considering purchasing.
The Insider’s Guide to Best Resistance Band Brand
3 Distinct Types of Resistance Bands and Their Specific Benefits

Power Resistance Band/ Loop Band
Loop bands with high resistance are simply huge rubber bands. They are a continuous flat loop that is useful for several applications.
You can use loop bands to aid in bodyweight exercises (pull-ups, dips, muscle-ups, etc. ), bodyweight resistance exercises (push-ups, bear crawls, box jumps), and whole-body training (squats, shoulder presses, thrusters, etc. ), physical therapy (for those with leg, knee, and back injuries and to aid in recovery from torn MCL and ACL, knee replacement, patella and meniscus rehab), warm-ups, static stretching (squats with bands, bench press with bands, etc.). Additionally, they may be secured to a pole/bar for pulling and pushing activities, as well as rehabilitative activities (i.e. rotator cuff).
Overall, they are quite adaptable, enabling you to work in all three planes of motion, and you can utilise them for any training, whether athletic or bodybuilding.

Loop Band Benefits:
Excessive growth
Endurance of the muscles
Muscle power
Equilibrium and Coordination
Fat oxidation
Increased mobility and range of motion
Rehabilitative services
Exercises on many planes and unilateral motions

Tube Resistance Band with Handle

Tube resistance bands are equipped with grips on both ends and are designed to replicate gym machine and dumbbell activities. They attach simply to a door or a bar/pole.
They are ideal for chest presses, curls, back rows, shoulder presses, and other pressing and pulling workouts. They are also beneficial for regimens such as P90X. Tube resistance bands may be used to target all of your muscle parts, making them ideal for individuals who do not have access to a gym or prefer to exercise outside and want something basic and readily portable.
On average, a set of tube bands will provide resistance of between 10 and 50 pounds.

Benefits of Tube Resistance Band
Muscle power
Excessive growth
Endurance of the muscles
Increase your range of motion
Fat oxidation
Rehabilitative services

Mini-Band/Non-Slip Fabric Hip Circle Band

Mini bands are similar to Power Resistance Loop Bands. However, they are significantly shorter and broader. New designs include a cloth covering the bands to provide additional comfort and prevent the band from rolling up, which is a regular occurrence with extremely light resistance mini bands.
Mini bands may be used for building strength and stability in your lower body (and upper body with specific workouts) (and upper body with certain exercises).
By positioning them slightly above your knees or at your ankles, you may effectively activate your hips and glutes. They are also beneficial for usage during weight training. Mini bands can assist you in stabilising, activating your core, maintaining appropriate form, and increasing hip activation and tension during squats, hip thrusts, and leg extensions.
As is the case with most resistance bands, small bands may efficiently target shoulder complexes and are an excellent tool for shoulder and elbow stability.
If you enjoy callisthenics, tiny bands are an excellent way to prepare for manoeuvres, such as handstands and muscle-ups.
Anyone who visits a gym these days will see that tiny bands are being utilised in several ways. This demonstrates their efficacy and adaptability.
Mini band sets are often classified as light, medium, heavy, or extremely heavy. This should be between 5 and 50 pounds of resistance.

Mini Bands Benefits:
Warm-up exercises
Workouts for Toning & Booty Band
Activation of the hips and glutes
Keeping good form and priming
Muscle endurance and strength
Rehabilitative services

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